About Katrina | Certified Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultant

Certified Sleep Sense Consultant

Katrina Taibinger

Founder of the Good Night Sleep Company

Hi, my name is Katrina.  I am a trained and certified infant and toddler sleep consultant who works with families throughout Ontario and internationally.

As a mother, I know how real and frustrating the struggle around sleep can be.  This understanding motivated me to begin my journey of learning about sleep and becoming a sleep consultant.
At the time, I had a 4-month-old daughter who was impossible to get to sleep for longer than 30 minutes and was waking multiple times a night. After trying endless solutions at home, from rocking, feeding, swaddling to car rides and swings, I was on the hunt for a permanent solution. It was at this time that I hired a sleep consultant to help get us on track. After working with the consultant for a few nights, I noticed remarkable changes in her sleeping habits, and we were both actually getting some sleep. By the time she was 5 ½ months old, she was sleeping through the night, had learned how to take longer naps, and fall asleep independently.

At this time, I decided that I wanted to provide the same help to other parents in similar situations. It is often said to new parents, “Say goodbye to sleep.” I am here to affirm to you that this does not have to be true. You can enjoy the early stages of parenthood, and at the same time, be well-rested.

I help families build a healthy routine around sleep and get them the good night’s sleep they deserve. With a healthy routine and consistency, we can have your child sleeping peacefully through the night in no time.

As a certified sleep consultant, I am educated, trained, and possess the techniques and knowledge to help families get the good night’s sleep they deserve.  We all deserve to be well-rested and refreshed each day. I cannot wait to help you and your family on your journey to getting a good night’s sleep.