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Are you a new parent who is struggling with getting a good, restful night’s sleep?

Do you find yourself nodding off during the day, maybe while you feed or spend time with your baby?

Are you having difficulties moving your child out of your bed and to the crib? Perhaps your toddler just refuses to go to sleep when bedtime comes?

If you are experiencing these or any other challenges getting a full and relaxing night’s sleep, you have come to the right place for guidance and help.

Sleep is essential

Good quality sleep is vital for you and your baby’s health and well being.  From your mental and physical wellness to your feelings of joy, contentment, and happiness, sleep is the foundation for the quality of your life.

The value and benefits of a wonderful night’s sleep can never be overstated. As essential as food and water, sleep is necessary for survival but is often neglected as we rush through our days. Not getting enough sleep or only experiencing poor sleep quality can lead to sleep deprivation, which weakens our immune system and leaves us susceptible to declining mental health, such as anxiety and postpartum depression. Feeling anxious and depressed makes it difficult for you to be the parent you want to be. It also makes finding a balance between parenting, relationships, and work almost impossible.

Just as poor or a lack of sleep can wreak havoc in your life, the same is true for your baby. Children who obtain a restful night’s sleep feel better and have a more pleasant disposition. While infants have the ability to get a wonderful night’s rest, they often need help with mastering this life-sustaining skill. With adequate and restful sleep, children of all ages have improved development, learning, and social interactions.

As a certified sleep consultant, I am here to help and guide you and your child on a journey that will aid you in discovering the many healthy rewards and benefits of a good restful night’s sleep.

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